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DIY vs Hiring a Web Designer

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Don’t get caught up in those DIY do it yourself FREE websites. NOTHINGS FREE, CALL US!

DIY vs Hiring a Web Designer

A lot of people figure they could DIY their own website and save a ton of money by trying one of these DIY companies trying to do it them self. Trust me you should hire a designer, not saying me, just hire a designer, unless you have a College Degree in web design and you are a certified SEO consultant your website will fail, and it will cost you more in the end than it would of if you just would of hiring a designer. You might have the prettiest, coolest, cleanest looking website in the world and if you don’t set your title, and description tags right, and your H1 through H6 tags, and your robot.txt tags, sitemap and build a visitor site map for google, hook up social media, setting the right ALT tags for the images for google to scan, adding back links, and I could go on and on about what is in the back-end of the website, and submitting it to search engines and directories, you my's well throw a rock in the ocean and watch it sink, because this will be your website, and then it will cost you double or triple to have it fixed the right way.

If you are having these issues, Call Us At 219-973-3882

We develop custom, powerful websites, or enhance/modify your existing website. Our website professionals are dedicated website developers with expertise in the latest technologies, flash, and Visual Basic to perform application development tasks that suit your budget and specific requirements. Don’t get “taken” by those website DIY scams or companies trying to charge you thousands of dollars for a few page site, plus an additional monthly fee. We make website designing affordable for you! Affordable Website Designing. We are a freelance service that specializes in affordable web design. Since we have a low overhead cost, we can to afford to make our prices affordable and unbeatable for our clients! Our services are perfect for anyone that needs an online presence, because of the simplicity of the designs, a fast turn-around time and outstanding low price is guaranteed!

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