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There are many occasions when our clients wish to incorporate video into their website. Since file sizes an important factor in being able to quickly open up a page to view it, there are sometimes issues with the size of the video. We at Affordable Website Designing will simply figure out the best way to feature your video. The easiest and most economical way of uploading video is to upload your video to YouTube. We can then go to your particular video and grab the “embed” code which is available from You Tube, and add that to your website code. Videos can help your business with search results.

We can make you a “YouTube” one minute video for your business and load it on YouTube for you. The video would consists of your choice of available music, information about your business, website address, phone and contact information, all for only $99.99 per minute. Videos help improve performance on campaign landing pages. Develop your leads and increase conversions for your business.

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